I am Lisa Tamati, a motivational speaker, author and mindset coach based in New Plymouth, New Zealand. I teach you how to keep going when it's too tough, how to develop mental strength and how to apply these skills in all areas of your life.

Sure, that sounds pretty lofty but I bring my experience from competing in some of the toughest endurance events on earth. You're not an athlete? Well, mental resilience fits everywhere in our lives - business and career, relationships and self-confidence.

I've been knocked down before (broken vertebrae, severe asthma, severe dehydration... just a few examples) and I have battled back. I've hit my physical and mental limits and pushed through.

And now, I help you do the same.


I share my story with inspiring keynote speeches, and have developed an ecourse in mental toughness. I have a podcast where I speak to other limit-pushers and give you a chance to learn from them as well. I also teach people about running at Running Hot Coaching. I have written two best-selling books about my journey and I blog about it too.

Hire me to inspire your audience, or take my ecourse to become the most-resilient you that you can be.

Lisa Tamati has many gifts, but the one I most admire is her ability to help others be the best that they can be. She brings a wide breadth of talents and skills to her coaching and her extensive experience as an athlete, author and speaker are invaluable assets. Whether your goal is to run around the block or to run an ultramarathon, I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching and speaking services and am confident that she will help you achieve your dreams."

by Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon man

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